Dec 3, 2020 Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursday)

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Discussion Topics, Dec 3, 2020


H-1 Visa and Spouses H-4 EAD Expires at the Same Time - What are the extension options?

1) How long does I-485 EAD approval take? 

2) Once spouse  gets I-485 EAD , Is it ok if she starts working on I-485 EAD ? Does that impact my H1B status ?

3) On January 2021 my company is ready to file my H1 extension and her H4 and H4 EAD , is that ok to apply if our I-485 is pending ? What will happen to her I-765 (C) (9) since we are applying H4 EAD too.

4) If she get H4 EAD approval then she will have two EADs , Which one to use and how ? Is it ok to have two EADS ?

5) My wife's company is also ready to apply her H1B (as she was already on H1B till 2016 and she was only on H1B for 2.5 year), If her company applies her H1B , do we have to worry about anything related to Pending I-485 application?

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