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We first contacted Rajiv in 2011 while seeking an expert advice on our Green Card (GC) options. We were in fact looking to file under EB-1 (a) and most of the attorneys we contacted gave us a postive nod. However, I thought it was only Attorney Khanna who gave us a very honest opinion based on my CV. He told me very clearly that it is better to file under EB-1 (b) and that EB-1(a) could be long shot. He also said that the attorney will get paid irrespective of whether the GC petition is approved or not. And that is what we wanted to avoid and Rajiv was right to point that out. You cannot ask for more honesty in a person especially when it comes to complex legal matters. So it was then upto me to see if my employer is willing to support my case. And there were many issues and Rajiv was there to help me clear every questions that my employer had. I remember sitting in a conference call with at least 6 people from various offices and Rajiv answered every question they had with great patience. And what is humbling is that he did this all for free and without any contract signed. We signed a legal contract with the Law Offices of Rajiv Khanna in the month of June, 2012 and started preparing for filing I-140. You cannot ask for a better case manager than Diane who is always there to help you. You send her an e-mail and there will be a reply before you sign out. It is very important to have a good case manager like her while going through this arduous process of collecting documents, especially reference letters and various other documents (Our I-140 petion weighed at 10.1 Kg :)). Anyways to make the story short, the I-140 petition was filed premium on August 27th at Texas Service Center and we got an approval dated September 6th, 2012. An approval without any RFE is defintely credited to the professionalism that went into preparing the petition. This would not have been possible without the expert guidance and help from Rajiv. So let me take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to Rajiv and his staff, especially Diane.

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