Guestbook Entry for Dr. Rajesh Gomatam, United States

Dr. Rajesh Gomatam
United States

I should say that I have the highest respect for Mr. Khanna both professionally and personally. I got my EB1 GC (1 year total start-to-finish) some time ago through Mr. Khanna's firm. Worth every penny and I still recommend to all my friends. This is my true feeling. As a matter of fact, I intend to apply for naturalization soon and I had a few questions concerning the same. I just wrote an email to him. Soon he responded back and he proactively gave me a appointment to speak to him at no cost.  He was very kind in clarifying all my question in a friendly manner and suggested that I could apply for the same myself. Who in this day-and-age would dispense free advice knowing tha they are not going to gain anything from it monetarily. To this end, I have great respect for him. Even during my GC process, he was very very helpful and gave the right advice during all the twists-and-turns. I know that many of us are not millionaires, at least staring our lives as non-immigrats in this country. In that regard, while applying for my GC, his services fees were appropriate and the extreme value that he provides. I know that because I inquired with quite a few attorneys at that point in time and was shocked by the extremely outrageous service fee that they demanded.  Furthermore, I know for a fact the immense help he provides indirectly through this forums and free conference calls to the public (not only his clients). I use his forums heavily to do my deligent research related to immigration. Furthermore, he has the website dedicated only for his clients where he was very much accessible via personal chat sessions and enabling people to share a wealth on knowledgebase. I know that there are other forums and none can compare to the one at Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that when it comes to immigration, Mr. Khanna is the man.

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