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Vipul Amin
United States

Dear Rajiv, Leila and All, Let me thank you all for such and excellent work done by all of you for my permanent residence application. I am so happy to thank you again and again for wonderful task. With God's grace, I got my permanent residence application approved by consulate general of America at Bombay, India on 27th Feb, 2001. I am really very impressed by good work of your esteemed office. Whole process took place within 14 mos of time. Thanks to great work of you and especially Laila, Richa, Suman and Vijay. I am very much convinced now that any Immigration related work in future, I will be not going anywhere but at Rajiv's Khanna' office. Thank you very much Rajiv. With all respect, Sincerely, Vipul Amin.