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DataStaff, Inc. is a proud client of Mr. Rajiv S. Khanna. We have received invaluable assistance from Rajiv and his team. They make you feel like family. When we have a question big or small, they take the time to answer. There has NEVER been a time when I felt like I wasn't on the top of their list, even though I know they are super busy with cases from other clients who trust them. We trust them implicitly...from the front desk (Angela & Heather) to our H-1 A-Team...Anna & Green Card Gurus (Heather R. & Art S.) we have always received EXEMPLARY service. Then there is Rajiv who is so sharp and too funny! It's weird to say that you miss your attorney's office when things are going smoothly, but we do. This is an AWESOME firm and we always recommend anyone who is not getting outstanding results to call and talk to our immigration attorneys - Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, PC!! Thanks Team!

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