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Verl Sriskandaa
United States

I am very grateful to Rajiv and Diane Lombardo for their service on my GC processing case. Initially, my petiton was denied from the fall-out of NY/DOT case verdict. They resubmitted my appilication under outstanding researcher category and it got approved. Now, I am waiting for a visa stamp on my passport. Here are the run-down on dates. Oct.98- I-140/NIW submission Ap99- Request for more evidences May99- Submission of more evidences July99- NIW case rejected Aug99- Appeal submission Oct99- I-140/EB1-Out-Researcher submission Jun00- EB1 approved July00- I-485 submission Nov00- finger print submission. I am very pleased with their fees and they will laydown the whole petition for your review. They will not hide anything and their service is 200% good. It can't go any more better.