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Veera Vemula
Nonimmigrant Visas: 
Green Card: 
United States

We have applied all my H1, H4 and Green Cards through Rajiv's Law Office.

We have received our Green Cards last week. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr.Rajiv Khanna and his excellent team.

When my company asked me for the best immigration lawyers several years ago, I have told them that Mr. Rajiv is the best one. They have valued my advise and went with Rajiv's office for my immigration matters. Since then, I have received excellent quality service from Rajiv's team.

The availability of Rajiv's team has been superb through out my immigration process especially, Prerna Mehta, Mathew Chacko and Reecha Nareng.

My special thanks to Prerna Mehta and Mathew Chacko for their excellent help, support and advise in my GC process.

I never thought of the fees I paid for Mr.Rajiv's Office valuable services. But the attorney fees are reasonable for the valuable service they provide compared to any other noted firms.

In short Rajiv and his staff made the whole process very easy, simple and painless. We are really glad that we chose this Law firm. We are greatly pleased with Rajiv and his staff as far as their professionalism, courtesy and promptness regarding my GC.

Looking forward to recommend your law firm to my friends.