Guestbook Entry for Sandeep, United States

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United States
I have been following Rajiv ji on his website and blogs for over 6 years now. Always wanted to be associated with him and I am so glad that the time came last year when Ms Heather handled my PERM case. Conference calls, guidance needed, anxiety - all were handled with great professional attitude and passion. I could not have felt more comfortable.  Rajiv Ji is such a gem of a person, no words can describe what he does for the community. This year, a colleague of mine was going through extreme troubles with a 10 year bar on her and her family with 3 school going kids. The case was messed up by 3-4 lawers and all of them were advising them in a negative way.. completey in the wrong direction. I introduced her to Rajiv Ji and she was very hesitant in the beginning, did not want to go to another lawer, had accepted her fate etc etc. But in my heart I knew, there was hope till Rajiv Ji does not say ‘no’….. and guess what, in our first meeting together he gave great hopes with a lot of positivity. His approach is very human, very person. I just love that. Well, needless to say, a case which would have been a disaster for a family of 5, was taken care of with great care and passion, with a lot of heart into it. And we all know, where there is heart and truth, God cannot be away! The family got it’s status back, its like a dream and probably we will take time to actually understand and feel the result…. Jagbir Ji and Anna were just amazing in their approach and handling of issues. I admire their professionalism and their personal touch given to a case. You are all a wonderful team and please keep up the same way always. God bless you all and thank you once again!