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Salahuddin Sirajuddin (SIRAJ)
Nonimmigrant Visas: 
United States

Hello everyone, I am glad that Rajeev and his colleagues (Charu + Rena) are our Immigration attorneys. Why?? (a) Well, we are a startup and definitely in need of expert advise as to whether we can or cannot apply for H1s to the INS. (b) Also, our needs are not just for Software Engineers, but for other skills that require justification to the INS that these are speciality occupations. (c) We have recd excellent service from his team and esp from Charu and Rena. They have always given a small company like us very quick response and turnaround for complex h1 cases. (d) We wish to adhere to the laws of INS and DOL and need expert advise in interpreting these ever changing laws. (e) The website is very useful and our prospective employees like it that our Immigrant Attorney owns and operates "" . I look forward to using more of their services like GC Processing for our employees, L1s etc.. Thanks Rajeev SIRAJ CEO Kirloskar Multimedia