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S Chatterjee
United States

I would like to thank Rajiv, Mathew, and Suman for their work on my case.

My 485 was denied and I had only 15 days to respond back or else I would have lost my EAD too! I came to know about Rajiv from a friend and emailed him right away, the same evening I got the denial letter. Next morning, Rajiv called me personally and collected all the details from me. At that time, he wasn't even sure if he is going to take the case or not. My 485 was based on family and I had done all the paper work myself. I had my initial interview 2 years back (in 2006) where I was asked to provide my original birth certificate within next 90 days. That was the only thing needed for approving my 485. I had sent my hospital issued birth certificate shortly after that. Since then I never heard back from USCIS. After a few info-pass appointments, I got a denial letter in Feb 2008.

The USCIS procedure mandates to send a letter of "Intend to deny" if the evidence they ask for (birth certificate in my case) is not satisfactory. I never got the intention letter. Instead, I got the denial!

The case was complicated but Rajiv took the time to research how to proceed and finally he suggested we appeal via form 290B (Motion to Reopen/ Reconsider). Mathew and Suman promptly created all necessary paperwork. I managed to get the municipality issued Birth Certificate and we files the Motion to Reopen within 10 days of receiving the denial letter. USCIS took a little over a month and approved my motion.

Now I just have to wait for my 485 to get approved. I was very pleased to find Rajiv and his team. I wish them all the best in the endeavor to help thousands of people with USCIS.