Guestbook Entry for Murthy Maddala , United States

Murthy Maddala
United States

There is not just 6 letter word 'THANKS' enough to describe this office and its experienced and friendly team. I have emailed Mr.Khanna about my case and Immediately I received the call from him the next day morning. He gave me the hope that this case can be resolved.
My special thanks to Jitesh Malik, the Attorney who prepared the legal arguments required for this case. He was very patient to listen to my case and always never let me loose the hope. He has been so responsive in preparing the case. Also thanks to Anna Baker who never got irritated by my phone calls. And of course Joy Sheppard who put all effort in putting all the papers in right order. On top of all this, my sincere thanks to Mr. Khanna, without whom i would not be able to write this appreciation note.

Thank you so much and thanks to all those whom i forgot to mention. You people are the best !!!

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