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Krishna V
Green Card: 
United States

Rajiv S Khanna's Law Firm, based in Virginia, is working on my Green Card. I should tell you that I am extremely happy with their service. I have never gotten a chance to speak to Mr. Khanna but I have been 'constantly' in touch with one of his staff, Homa Naderi. She is simply the BEST!! Goes the extra mile to get the job done. Very pleasant to talk to. Someone whom you can count on as a friend. I would first recommend you to visit their website before contacting them. The have a fabulous website, . It has got a wealth of information ranging from the legal fee structure to the latest news on immigration policies, status, etc. If you decide to go with them call their office and do insist for Homa Naderi to be your point of contact. She will make this long-hard-laborious-US-Visa-pilgrimage a pleasant experience. Feel free to call me or email me if you have any questions at 972 571 1882. Krishna