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sankar mangapuram
United States
Excellent service - Green cards

I highly recommend Rajiv Khanna services, We used them for our corporate  Green card sevices,  It was a great experience working with them, they know the immigration law, and they do have ability to guide employers and employees properly. As of now Rajiv filed around 40 PERM LABOR applications for us,  and I am proud to say that all of them got approved. Couple of cases went thru audits also.  Our filrm point of contact was Heather, she did a great job for the company and also to the employees. Normally Attorney offices won't entertain to talk to company employees, but in Rajiv office, Heather is so kind to answers our employee calls and made them aware of the case updates, as an employer we felt so happy when our employees experiencing good and great service.       

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