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Hari & Anju Nayar
United States

Hello, My interactions with the Law offices of Rajiv S Khanna started in Aug 2004 when I first applied for my H1 visa. Ever since, I have reached out to Mr. Khanna, Mr. Chacko and other support personnel (Ms. Mehta, Ms.Bhasin, Ms.Baker) for all my immigration related needs. This group of professionals is the best you can ever hope to find to help you navigate the complex and painfully slow immigration process. Rajiv and his team form a tremendous body of knowledge and the beauty of this group is that they provide their expertise as a 'service'. It is true that the law firm charges fees for processing ones case, but the amounts charged are far less than what one would have to pay elsewhere for service that is typically not on par. Mr. Khanna himself has called me on numerous occasions to clarify a question or seek more specific amazes me that the seniormost attorney in the firm takes time to do this and that too without charging a single dime for a personal call. My wife and I used Rajiv's offices to handle our Green Card application. The process was lengthy and stretched over 6 years from start to finish. I'm glad to report that the GC was granted. Without Rajiv's group supporting this would have been a nightmare. The team that handled my case did their work in the most professional manner possible. I got prompt replies to my emails, voice messages and on occasion even emails and calls over the weekend. I have probably inundated mailboxes with questions and counter arguments...never once have I been discouraged from asking questions nor have I not gotten a clear and definitive answer for my queries. Over the green card process, Rajiv's group renewed my Advance Paroloe and Employment applications (for my wife and I) three times. They have never sent me a bill for this, stating clearly that this falls within the overall green card application process. In my comments above, I emphasize on many occasion the financial matters related with this firm. It is also important to highlight the humane treatment you are accorded by everyone I worked with. The support staff and attorneys clearly understand the emotional stress involved in the immigration process and they treat you with respect and dignity. I have referred many friends of mine to Rajiv's office and they all state similar commendable experience. In short, I am glad I found this group of brilliant immigration attorneys and support personnel. I'm glad they were on my side and helped me win permanent residency. I can state without any hesitation that you will not be disappointed if you choose Rajiv's group to represent you. The level of service and support you will receive from the Law offices of Rajiv S Khanna will be far more than what you ever dream about. Many thanks to everyone at Rajiv's office for all the hard work. If there is anything I can every do in return please let me know....

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