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MTR/AAO appeal on I-140 denial and reversed their decision in 7 months.

My sincere thanks to Mr Rajiv Ji and Mr Kunal Ji. I got my I-140 denial decision reversed in 7 months. I have this issue since 2012. I-140 originally files in 2007 and since then its been under initial review and received RFE/NOID In 2012. We approached the same attorney who was handling my I-140 and that didnt go well and ultimately it was denied. We approached Rajiv along with my employer and were in discussion for 20/30 minutes and said winning this case is fairly possible. Even I-140 petition wasnt supplied by previous attorney. Rajiv and Khanna briefed their arguement with me and asked me if i have any concerns so that they can add those in their arguement and discussed cons and pros and finally draft been finalized and sent appeal(I-290 B) to the AAO office. Our arguement was purely based on Labor copy and in 7 months appeal sustained and initial decision has been reversed and they approved I-140. We are now waiting for the approval copy so that have to go further and repair few more things. I am happy to say that i am going with Rajiv office to correct other things as well. WIth huge relief -Satish

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