Guestbook Entry for Sanjay B, United States

Sanjay B
United States
GC in EB1 - A Category

Want to Thank Mr. Rajiv Khanna and Diane Lombardo from the bottom of my heart for the tremendous effort they put into my GC application in EB1-A category. The journey started 7 months back with a simple evaluation of my profile by Mr. Khanna followed by a fact check call. Hats off to his professionalism that I was told upfront the approval chances of my case and the further work I need to do on my profile. Mine was a very unique case with a mix of critical industry experience, inventions, publications and other relevant categories. Mr. Khanna's strategic direction, core guidance, and valuable inputs were ably complimented by perfect documentation, follow up and updates by Diane. The advice throughout the journey was extremely valuable and the support was just a call away anytime. I was told to patiently wait and work on the profile till it was good enough to be filed and I think the patience and time spent was worth it. The final profile at the time of filing looked really great and satisfactory.

The I-140 for the case was approved within a week of filing. Mr. Khanna and Diane have been equally supportive in the I-485 journey immediately after that and took it on top priority to accommodate my International travels. 

As Mr. Khanna emphasized in the beginning, the whole journey is the Process and it turned out to be a great learning experience. Engaging Mr. Khanna and his team in my case turned out to be a sure game changer and I am extremely delighted to have them on the case. I would highly recommend for all the immigration needs.



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