Guestbook Entry for Prasanna Narayanasamy, United States

Prasanna Narayanasamy
United States

The GC process is unnerving, tedious and complicated. Choosing you as my lawyer gave me peace of mind and confidence that I will be able to file in time - I filed my labor only in mid-July, but was still able to file 140 and 485 concurrently well within time.

Before this blog, I used to ask questions from all my friends to understand the processes. This blog was just great helping me to be so well informed that I started giving suggestions to my friends. The information was accurate and quickly delivered straight by Rajiv, so I knew I could follow it with confidence. I was really amazed by the quick turnaround on almost all questions posted.

Special thanks to my case manager Heather for giving personal attention, being very responsive and working so many late hours to help us out. I want you to know that your work has helped me and my family very much. The past 2 months have been really taxing for you. I feel you really deserve a good vacation after August 17

Continue the great work. Expand your firm and help more people. Many Thanks.

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