Guestbook Entry for Day Veerlapati , United States

Guestbook Entry for Day Veerlapati , United States

Day Veerlapati
United States

S2Tech is a global software development company with offices in St. Louis and Hyderabad, India. S2Tech provides customized software solutions to its diverse clients base. S2Tech has been working with Law Offices of Rajiv Khanna for the past four years. One of the core competency of Mr. Rajiv Khanna is leveraging information technology to provide BEST service to his clients. The following are some of the examples: 1. Domain name of 2. Use of electronic e-mail to answer questions from his clients within one day. 3. Use of Adobe products to reduce/eliminate certain physical mailings and expedite information delivery to his clients. 4. Use of website to provide quick answers to frequently answered questions, provide status information from various centers, and build a community. 5. Send free newsletter to interested persons in an automated fashion. Even though technology is being used heavily, Rajiv Khanna is always accessible over the phone to his clients. It is just that clients like me who are crunched for time interact with him electronically. I would recommend Law Offices of Rajiv Khanna to all the busy entrepreneurs, fast growing companies, and all IT companies.

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