Guestbook Entry for Harpal, United States

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Green Card: 
United States
Finding Mr. Rajiv Khanna, was the best thing that could have happened to me for achieving my GC approval. My GC case was little bit complicated coz i moved to different location before my 140 approval but he handled my case with professionalism and dedication like no other. He explained all the steps of the process and kept me informed on how things were progressing. He gathered all the necessary documents, was always attentive to me, receiving my calls and answering my questions with great patience. Ms. Heather and Mr. Mark helped me always with all my concerns and resolving my issues independently or/and with the help of Mr Rajiv. Infinite thanks to Mr. Rajiv, Ms. Heather & Mr. Mark for being always on the lookout. I can finally say I’m American resident in record time, completely changed my life and I am absolutely sure I would not have done it without their help. Recommend 100% .. they are the best … I will always be indebted to them! Great lawyer with efficient Team!!