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United States

Rajiv has been of incredible help to me for the last few years. I'd applied for the 485 Adjustment of Status and it looked like I'd be stuck in the queue for years before my greencard arrived. So, as I thought about my career, I decided to go back to school for a Ph.D. However, I was told by most everyone that getting an F-1 visa to go back to school would be very difficult. Rajiv gave me excellent advice to still go ahead and apply for the F-1 -- I ended up getting it with no trouble whatsoever. As the years went by, I then ended up getting the greencard as well -- Rajiv has been really helpful in letting me know the specific requirements (in terms of the job classifications, travel etc) related to obtaining permanent residency. I have been following his advice and I have been really pleased -- he's been absolutely accurate in all of his advice and I'm certainly counting on him in times to come as well.

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