Guestbook Entry for Blessil George & Shema George, United States

Blessil George & Shema George
United States

My wife and I received our I-485 approval within 24 months for the whole process with Rajiv S. Khanna as our attorney and the simply wonderful team of case workers. Rajiv is an expert on Immigration Laws and is straight up and abreast of rules & regulations and is strict about the law and stays strictly as defensive. The most impressive part is the team that comprised of Heather Riddick and Art Shifflet was just so efficient and so professional, that the entire process seemed so easy. We had our ups and downs with USCIS RFEs and delays but throughout all that, the team worked with great empathy and took the time to understand and hear out our concerns and worries and gave us just the right advice and support. All I can say is that they both feel just like family and are truly the best team i have worked with for any such legal matters or otherwise.

Great going guys...keep up the great work and wish you all the very best!!

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