Guestbook Entry for Siva Jonnalagadda, United States

Siva Jonnalagadda
United States

Hi, I took consultation with Rajiv sir twice for my sister-in-laws immigration issue. The first consultation showed us the path to keep immigration status current. Also, the consultation gave lot of confidence and relived our stress. Rajiv sir is excellent in his knowledge and he is well prepared to answer our questions during the actual consultation over phone. I am very much satisfied with the consultation provided by Mr. Rajiv. I can clearly see there is a helping mentality rather than just a service. Rajiv sir is very professional and gave us one free consulation when we requested for paid consultation for few questions. He is very promt in responding to regular emails with specific question, ofcourse without any charge. Rajiv sir, Thank you very much for everything. Regards, Siva

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