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United States
CASE : GreenCard  My case got stuck at the very last stage and Rajiv offered great help and excellent service and I have to mention, you will not find this kind of prompt service especially when you are tensed and in need of desperate help. My case got resolved with Rajiv’s expertise and Heather making multiple calls to USCIS/Customs/other departments. I would like to thank Rajiv and his excellent team of 1. Heather Crump , she is very very very very very helpful, polite, generous, smart and always in track of your case and very very prompt, and also EXCELLENT follow ups. 2. Art Shifflett , he is very very prompt and polite person, he always responds to emails right away and even if you forget he reminds and follow ups, he forwards all questions to appropriate person and makes sure you get the answer you are looking for. 3. Mathew Chacko, he has excellent knowlege and right advice for you, he is very busy yet takes time to reply to your emails and in cases he will call you to discuss what exactly you want and how to go about it, with his expertise you for sure are in safe hands.  Rajiv as you know is the head of heads, and is extremely busy, yet he reviews each and every case and always available. If situation arises he jumps in like the superman / spiderman and pulls you out of trouble.