Lawsuit to freeze all immigration law deadlines

Our association, AILA, has filed a lawsuit against the USCIS today requesting the court to order the USCIS to freeze all immigration deadlines for:

 Initial applications

 Responses to all Requests for Evidence or other responses due on or after March 1, 2020

 Requests for extension of status, maintenance of status

 Reprieve from any expiration of status or employment authorization;

 Maintaining the status quo for purposes of eligibility for protection from removal, work authorization,

and immigration benefits from the date the President declared that a national emergency began on

March 1, 2020,until 90 days after the emergency officially ends.

Here is a detailed screen recording on the Complaint.  I think our chances of success are very, very good.


This was our community discussion call two days before the lawsuit was filed.

Note that Rajiv hosts free community calls every other Thursday where he answers immigration

related questions from the community.

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Immigration Law

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