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Extension of EAD for H-4 and EAD for L-2 - Not the Best Settlement

I have reviewed the recent lawsuit settlement where the USCIS has agreed to consider H-4 holders to be eligible to continue working while their timely filed EAD extension is pending. Unfortunately, the settlement seems to state that the right to work is only co-extensive with your I-94 duration. Therefore, you do not have the right to continue working for 180 days; only till your I-94 expires. While it is better than nothing, the settlement is not everything that we would like to see.

H-1 and L-1 Visa Petition Filing Fees Increased – Ongoing Updates if Needed

12 January 2016

This is the latest release from USCIS.  I think they are misreading the fees requirement.  The law seemed to require higher fees only for L-1 employee counts (see my highlighted comments below under 19 December 2015 entry).  The current USCIS release counts both L-1 and H-1 employees even for H-1 filing fees.  We will wait and see if this clarified

USCIS Implements H-1B and L-1 Fees

On August 13, 2010, President Obama signed Public Law 111-230, which contains provisions to increase certain H-1B and L-1 petition fees. The law, which already in effect, requires the submission of an additional fee of $2,000 for certain H-1B petitions and $2,250 for certain L-1A and L-1B petitions.vUSCIS has clarified certain matters that employers should bear in mind.

Questions and Answers
Q. To which petitioners does the new fee apply?