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Important! TVU Students With NTA's, Come Meet With ICE

The representatives of ICE and SEVP would be visiting the Embassy of India (2107 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington DC 20008) on Friday, April 15, 2011 at 10.30 AM. Former TVU students interested in attending this meeting to interact with the officials of the ICE and SEVP should let us know. Our Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission would also be present during the meeting.

Some positive developments on the TVU situation

News about the meeting arranged by Mr. Rao and other friends of TVU students have started coming in. Good job Naveen, Shashi and others involved in bringing this about.


Also, all students, keep updating your information so we can hand it over to the authorities to understand the problems we are facing:

More TVU harassment -- students tagged and harassed in Virginia

Once again, the United States of America has shown its ugly face to the defenseless TVU students. I will give you this that the "United" States are highly fractured when it comes to immigration enforcement. The TVU handling shows that there is no coherent central directive on policy. Within the same office (for instance, in New Jersey), two officers realize the appropriate context and act moderately, while a third officer goes around ranting and raving and focusing the "full might of the US government" upon those who can do little against him. The buck must stop at the White House.