Nebraska Service Center

USCIS Casework Transfers to Balance Workloads and Decrease Processing Times

Workload Transfer from the Vermont Service Center to the Nebraska Service Center

USCIS recently began transferring certain casework from the Vermont Service Center (VSC) to the Nebraska Service Center (NSC) to balance workloads and decrease processing times.

The NSC will now process some:

Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, for petitioners requesting H-1B nonimmigrant classification;

USCIS Transitions the Intake Function from the Service Centers to its Lockbox Network for Several Benefit Requests

 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it will be transitioning the intake function of several more forms from the Service Centers to its Lockbox network. By centralizing form and fee intake to a Lockbox environment, USCIS will improve consistency and integrity in the intake process.

The forms scheduled for the transition:

NSC Updates - 06/24/09

I-485 pending cases and procedure to expedite the name check

In cases where I-485 cases are still pending for FBI background checks and if the checks have been pending more than 180 days then there is a procedure to expedite the name check. Contacting the NSC’s congressional liaison and advising them when the name check is cleared will help unless there are no other reasons why the case is being held as sometimes the cases are held back for other security processing.


NSC Updates – 05/26/09

I-140 backlog  

USCIS has recently updated the number of petitions they have pending. The backlog for I-140 was 40,000 in October and now it is down to 10, 000.


USCIS has indicated that the EB-485 team at the NSC center is pre-adjudicating cases and will be ready to approve cases as soon as the priority date becomes current.    

Filing an appeal