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L1A Extension processing time

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I had applied for my L1A extension back in Novemeber 13 2009 and yet the status is showing Initial Review. I am little concerned that would it really take this much time?What is the experience of other, with similar situation. Are L1's getting extended easily.

L-1A extensions are very difficult unless you meet all the criteria.


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In your knowledge, how long does it usually take to obtain a green card (through dual intent)with an L1B visa?

The time taken for L-1B holder who applies through PERM is the same as for anyone else from the country you were born in. No special case here, unless yo convert to L-1A and go through EB-1.


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I have 3 questions about the L1B visa I hope you can help me with:

1.Is it possible to work part time for another company than your sponsor under an L1B visa? (at the same time)
2.Is there a minimum amount of hours you have to be employed weekly under an L1B? Or can you just work part time for your sponsor company?
3.Lets say I want to apply under the "dual intent" law to permanent residence with an L1B visa, is it possible to do so by working only part time to my sponsor or do I have to be full time employed to be able to apply under the dual intent law ?

1. L-1B visas do not permit part time employment.
2. I think 35 hours each week (full time). Part time is not permitted.
3. Part time is not allowed under L-1B.

Request Info for L1 visa to do business

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My parents are in Kenya and do business there. I want to have them shift to the states and do business here. Can my parents start a subway franschise on an L1 visa? My father owns supermarkets and a mall in kenya. I was wondering if he could get an L1 visa and start business here. What options does he have?
Can we start a fast food joint based on an L1 visa as well? Also, I would like to mention that my parents would like to keep the business in Kenya to continue and they would want to travel between the US and Kenya.

L-1 visas have progressively become more difficult for smaller companies. But I think it my be worth a try.

L1 Visa

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I have been with Company A for 2yrs 8 months and later shifted to Company B. Recently I have joined back Company A, with a time gap of 8 months. Can Company A apply for an L1 now?

Yes, looks like you can. The law only requires one year of employment out of the last three years.

L-2 for Fiance

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I am currently in the U.S. on an L-1 visa. My fiance is Hungarian and currently visiting me on a tourist visa. My L-1 was issued in Tokyo, Japan. Can we get married in the U.S. and get her an L-2 visa without her having to leave.

Convert L1B Blanket VISA to H1B

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I have an L1B VISA and want to convert to H1B in order to shift from my current employer to a permanent employer in US. I am aware that quota for H1B is full for the year 2009 but need the H1B VISA by 2010 Feb for my new employer. Is it anyway possible to get this done before Feb 2010 although the quota is full?

Once the quota is full (as it is now) you can get an H-1 only for a job that is quota exempt (not just an employer that is quota-exempt)

L-2 as dependent turning 21

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I have an L-2 dependent visa as a child and I am currently attending US College. However, I am turning 21 in December of 2010, does that mean I will no longer be eligible for an L-2 visa through my father's company? And do I have to change to F-1 status?

Correct. Once you are 21, you cannot be on L-2 status.