EB1 Outstanding Researcher Ph.D. in Experimental Chemical Physics

We won an EB-1 Outstanding Researcher case for an applicant with a Ph.D. in Experimental Chemical Physics filing under Premium Processing. The case was decided within two days of submission.  The applicant had over eleven years of research experience and an abundance of publications as a result of his extensive list of original findings. As a result of the multitude of publications in prestigious, international scientific journals, the applicant’s work was also extensively cited. We provided copies of the articles along with the data regarding the significance of the journals, which included printouts from Google Scholar and the ISI master journal list. We provided documentary evidence on each of the journals to show the reputation in the field. We also provided copies of the cited work, highlighting the citations as well as the reference section. As a result of the extensive publication list, we were also able to provide documentary evidence to reflect the significance of his “original” scientific contributions to the field.

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