Rajiv's News Clips - US rule to end work permits for H-1B spouses unlikely to go through this year

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Quotes and Excerpts from Rajiv on the article:

According to Rajiv S Khanna, Managing Attorney at law firm Immigration.com, the delay is not the core issue. “When you are bringing in a new regulation or deregulation, there has to be some reasonable basis in fact and circumstance. How do you justify taking away an entire cadre of highly qualified, highly motivated people from the workforce when unemployment levels are below 4%?” he said.

Immigration.com’s Khanna said the rhetoric against immigrants would not end till there is a change in the perception that foreign workers are taking away local jobs. “Republicans are perceived as being friends of business, though this administration is neither a friend of businesses nor endeavours that require education such as research, high technology, colleges, universities and hospitals. They think their voter base is the farmer, not the Silicon Valley,” Khanna said. “On the other hand, Democrats are more focussed on protecting the US workforce but are also friends of learned pursuits. Therefore, the relationship of both parties with educated foreign workforce is schizophrenic and is unlikely to have an impact on this regulation.” 

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