NSC Updates – 05/19/09

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I-131 and I-765

With the exception of the I-765s for OPT for which there is a few weeks lag time all other I-131s and I-765s are being worked by the NSC as soon as they arrive at the center.

Screening of cases

The examiners now have everything in front of them to at the time of reviewing the case as the NSC electronically screens the cases. The cases go to the examiners as soon as the security checks clear. The center also is planning to have everything pre-adjudicated, even where there is a visa not available or the security checks have not cleared by June 30, 2009.

Adjustment of Status

Attorneys do not need to contact the NSC regarding the fingerprints as they have reinstituted the “Refresh” program for fingerprints for adjustment of status cases that become unavailable in the EB-3 category.



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