Radio show, April 28, 2015, H-1 Lottery, H-4 EAD

Substantial transcription for video

Radio show April 28, 2015:


Question1:  My  spouse is on H-1 visa and his former employer filed I-140 and then my spouse changed his employment to another employer  and transferred his H-1, the I-140 has not been revoked by former employer. So my H-4 is with the former employer  valid for three years, and current employer for my spouse has not filed H-1 for me. Is the H-4 from the former employer valid for file EAD or do I have to apply for H-4 again and what would be the documents that would I need to file H-4 EAD ?

Answer: Every time the H-1 holder changes  job, the H-4 holder does not need to re -apply for H-4. Your H-4 is good.  You don't have to have different H-4 for the employer. Of course,  every time the H-1 holders change their job they have apply for new H-1 but as long as you never violated status and H-1  holder has  never violated status that H-4 continued to be good from job to job to job, you are good.

Your  second question was what document need to file H-4 EAD?

Answer is we don't  know yet. When the instructions for the new form I- 765 come out along with the form I-765 they will tell you exactly what you need to submit . I suspect probably marriage certificate along with evidence of  couple of last  pay stubs of your husband's, copy of H-1 receipt and a copy of your H-4 receipt or approval or visa stamped. That typically they should be looking for. But I don't have any basis for saying, this is just my guess.


 Question 2:  I got my H-1B petition approved last year, it got extended as well. I have never used any of these visas to work in the U.S. though I have travelled few times to U.S. but on B-1 visa for meetings with the customers. So the question is when do I become exempt from the H-1 quota?

Answer : In your situation when you are outside the USA, you become  exempt from the H-1 quota  when you get your visa stamped. So I think USCIS interpretation of law is faulty and  incorrect, because in my view as soon as H-1 is approved you should be exempt from the quota but USCIS has taken the position that unless you get the visa stamped from the consulate we will not consider you exempt if you are outside the USA. So it appears to me that  you should be exempt from the quota.

Question 3. I just got my citizenship and now wants to apply for my younger sister, who is alone in India.  I lost my parents few years back so she is all alone but she is above 18. Is there any way I as a brother  and only relationship here in United States apply for her Green card in such a manner that she can be here in United States as soon as possible.

Answer: Siblings Green Card is like  planting mango trees, in India we used to have saying that mango trees takes so  long to bring fruit that one generation plants the tree and the second generation eats the mangoes. It's kind of that for sibling cases, it takes 13 years for the Green Card to come through and there is no way we can expedite that Green Card. However  leaving the option of Green Card filing  you could look at the things like  sponsoring her for her student visa if she wants to study or if she is an professional  or intent to be professional soon she can come on H-1 or L-1 visa, like other people  do. f you have money you can gift her half a million or million dollar depending upon what kind of money you have  that you can invest in her. So Investment visa could be an option but  there is no way you can expedite sibling green Card.





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