Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursday) , November 29, 2018

Substantial transcription for video

Discussion Topics, Thursday, 29 November 2018:

FAQ: Effect of L-1A denial on approved EB-1C I-140 || Transfer of priority date on an I-140 -- process || Period of maximum stay allowed for tourist visa entrants || Continuing employment-based green card while moving outside the USA || Starting business on I-485 EAD|| Status expiring during the pendency of an H-1B extension || EB-2 approved applying for EB-3 || I-94 expired -- Unlawful Presence

Other: Travel during H-4 EAD || I-140 denial effect on concurrently filed I-485 || EB2 with a three-year bachelor’s degree || Green card for child born in Canada || H-1 transfer || 3 year H-1B extension || Four year delay in naturalization || Errors in H-1B approval || Fiance visa || Revocation of green card because of the company merger

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