Rajiv's News Clips - Green card or US citizenship applicants may have to provide social media identity

Quotes and Excerpts from Rajiv on the article: 

"The newly introduced proposal, in the context of applicability to the Indian diaspora in the US, will cover citizenship applications, applications for adjustment of status filed by those in the USA seeking to obtain green cards (such as H-1B workers, or those on intra-company transfers holding an L-1 visa). It will also apply to green card holders seeking re-entry permits (who wish to stay away from the US for two years)," explains Arlington-based Rajiv Khanna, Managing Attorney at Immigration.com

"While the proposal states that collection of social media user identification is mandatory to complete the DHS forms, it adds that USCIS (which is a unit of DHS) will continue to process a form where social media information is not answered, but failure to provide the request data may delay the process. This leeway stems from the First Amendment, which applies to anyone within the US. It remains to be seen how the forms will be designed to accommodate those who do not provide social media identification," adds Khanna. 

Khanna sums up by saying: "Of serious concern is the seemingly innocuous observation that the US government wishes to use the social media information to determine the 'true intention' of an applicant. This phrase is alarming because one can see venting about something could lead the government to make adverse inferences against an applicant." 

For more on this news please see the attachment. 

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