NBC Updates - 08/17/09

Procedures at NBC for I-485 applications that require an interview - NBC works as a pre-interview processing center for I-485 applications that require an interview. The center (NBC) also performs an “Initial Evidence Review’ for basic required documents like the birth certificate, I-693, I-864, proof of legal entry and for other documents. A case is “interview ready” once the application is placed under the scheduling queue as soon as NBC completes its pre interview processing steps and verifies the case. Once the case is ready for interview scheduling a number of reasons affect the case but these are not limited to the officer review of RFE response, background check results, Requests for Initial Evidence (RFE), receipt of “A” and “T” files from other locations. “Interview ready” cases are made available to the Field offices as per their own unique office profiles like the current caseloads, number of officers available and others.

Update on Form N-400 and 319(b) cases - During the initial file review process the NBC identifies N-400 cases under INA § 319(b) and all the 319(b) cases are processed to the interview ready stage by an officer who is nominated to process this type of N-400 application.

Updates on the I-90 process - A few changes initiated by NBC regarding the I-90 process are:

1. Direct applicants to mail I-90 B and D applications to the lockbox for data entry.
2. Revise the I-90 Instructions to reflect the change of lockbox and to complete the ASC to NBC process.
3. Direct applicants to mail all supporting documents to the lockbox instead of the ASC.
4. The NBC began a pilot to eliminate the Pre-NBC backlog cases where the applicant did not appear for the biometrics appointment.
5. Working with Lockbox Operations on the transition of I-90’s from the Los Angeles to the Phoenix Lockbox.
6. The NBC has taken steps to streamline the triage and adjudication process in order to increase production and efficiency.


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