SCOPS Updates - 08/24/09

USCIS will go on accepting Employment based Fourth and Employment Fourth Certain Religious Worker I-485 Adjustment of Status Filings until August 31, 2009 - According to the availability listed in the August 2009 Department of State Visa Bulletin USCIS will go on accepting Employment Fourth and Employment Fourth Certain Religious Worker I-485 Adjustment of Status Filings until August 31, 2009. However, as of September 1, 2009, the September visa bulletin will control and this category will turn out to be “unavailable”. For more on this please click the recent visa bulletin here.
Even though USCIS will keep accepting EB-4 adjustment filings until the end of August these cases will not come to the final adjudication until the EB-4 category becomes available. Also, please note that USCIS will not be able to approve non-minister religious worker I-485s unless the congress extends the non-minister religious worker program before the sunset date of September 30, 2009. This also applies to the fourth preference becoming available again.

Issuance of multiple EADs and Advance Paroles (AP) - USCIS decides multiple requests for EADs and APs on a case-by-case basis.

Validity dates for re-entry permit - With respect to re-entry permit when an individual who has already applied to remove the condition on his/her status and has been issued a receipt as a result of the I-751 filing that extends the validity of the I-551 card for a period of one year the re-entry permit will be issued. However, this is applicable only with a validity date that includes the automatic one year extension of the expiration date of the underlying CR alien registration card for the period the applicant is permitted which is up to the statutory limit of 2 years of a re-entry permit.

I-485 data entry process with respect to “A” and “T” files - The service centers with the help of CLAIMS 3 during the I-485 data entry process looks by A number for the existence of any other files of the applicant. Supposing it is found that other A/T files exist then these files will be requested from the source which means within the service center, the field office or other sources. However, before the I-485 application comes to final adjudication or sent for interview these files should be consolidated.
On the other hand with regard to family based I-485 cases that are received at the NBC, the NBC requests the A-file from the Service Center via the Central Index System (CIS).
After three requests if the NBC does not receive the file then NBC sends the I-485 to the right Field Office in a T-file. After this the field office requests the A- file from the service center.


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