NOIR (Notice of Intent to Revoke) is a notice the government issues when it intends to revoke (cancel) approval of a case that it has already approved. This happens when the government notices that the case either should not have been approved initially or, subsequent to the approval, has become revocable. This notice gives us a last chance to present evidence and arguments why the government should not revoke the approval.

PhD students and eligibility for EB-2 NIW and working on F-1 OPT

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1) Is it possible for current PhD students to apply for EB-2 NIW?
I have been through websites where they have said It's Possible, but then why is it not possible for current MS students?
2) Is it possible to work and study in F-1 OPT after completing the degree?

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Sure, you can apply for any of these green cards while you are still a student.

Please go through my article in The Economic Times:

NIW laws require only that you possess an advanced degree. A Master’s degree is an advanced degree.

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