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Visa Information for Countries

Wanted to share that I had a trip with my mom to Europe back in September we both had RTD flew to Germany with delta and got stamped in less a minute by german passport control then we flew same day to Barcelona no problems at all then spent few days then flew to Athens and all went well they just checked at the gate took a look at out RTDs and look at the entry stamps and we spent few days in Athens everything was fine and then we flew to paris at the airport at athens while boarding the boarding agent checked our RTDs while boarding didn’t know what’s th

Received asylum GC from TSC

Just received my green card based on asylum approved more than 1yr ago.

See below for my timeline. Feel free to ask me anything. Always happy to help out members of this forum.


# My timeline

- In status, H1B VISA approved in May 2014

- 06/19/2014 - Filed I-589 (Application for Asylum) in Jersey City, NJ

- 06/24/2014 - Received fingerprint notice

- 07/03/2014 - Fingerprint recorded at the USCIS Application Support Center in Elizabeth, NJ

- 07/09/2014 - Received interview notice

Asylum Interview Experience

I think it will be different with each people. In my case, all three times were different.
The officer usually did a small talk with me while going to the room from the hall asking me about the weather and other information which was not listed in application from my previous state where I lived and how I liked it here. IMO, I took that in good and bad way. Good way in the sense, that he wanted me to feel comfortable and bad way, like as if he is saying, I already know everything about you. So, its a mixed bag.

Asylum Interview

Well, for my it was a long time ago, but normally the IO will ask you for your ID, passport. IO will have on his/her desk all the package that you sent before; at this time you are allow to add any information that you consider might be relevant on your case. Then after this part is done IO starts asking you questions about your case, like dates, names , cities, organizations, etc....most of lawyers advise to answer only what they are asking, not to use many words...................just go to the point. Also of course go well dressed and bring all the papers that you think might need.

Asylee N-400 Interview Experience

  1. It took me all togather, 119 days from application file date to an Oath Ceremony. I am proud to be the USC now. I had to wait about 40 days between interview and Oath ceremony date because my GC was not complete 5 years at the time of Interview. Otherwise my Oath would be on April 26, which would make my Naturalization process complete within 100 days. It's FAST.....!!!

    Thanks all of you (specially to wantmygcnow, thankful,shefe assylum etc) for your help, supports and advices in the issues regarding my Asylum, Green Card and finally Naturalization.

17 years without GK and counting

  1. 21.5 years ago I arrived to USA and June 4 I will have a citizenship interview. You can read my story.
    1. Following is a time table of my case

      1. December 1990 arrived in US

      2. February 1991 applied for political asylum, till 1998 was waiting for an interview due to backlog

      3. Sometime 1998 interview with immigration office, denial of asylum

      4. March, 1999 granted a political asylum status by immigration judge, New York