Asylee N-400 Interview Experiences

United States
  • Today I did my interview and passed. The Officer was a very beautiful young lady and she was nice and friendly. After taking an oath to tell the truth, she started going through my N-400 application (not line by line). Eventhough I said no to "citation and arrest", I had HOV violation and driving under suspended privilage tickets. Showed her documents that I paid my due and I am clear. She seemed satisified with that. Also I have said no to "have you been to jail or prison? " in my application,I told her I was detained in my home country and she said that is fine.

    After that she asked me civic questions, reading and writing tests. And she said that I have passed the interview and she would recommand me for approval. She even wanted me to take the oath ceremony this very day, but I remind her that my 5th anniversary is on 02/14/2011. She said then we will send you an oath letter on that day telling you when to come.

    That was it folks. what a relief!

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