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Wanted to share that I had a trip with my mom to Europe back in September we both had RTD flew to Germany with delta and got stamped in less a minute by german passport control then we flew same day to Barcelona no problems at all then spent few days then flew to Athens and all went well they just checked at the gate took a look at out RTDs and look at the entry stamps and we spent few days in Athens everything was fine and then we flew to paris at the airport at athens while boarding the boarding agent checked our RTDs while boarding didn’t know what’s that she took a look at the stamp then called someone on the phone to come and looks like he’s a passport control officer I am not sure but he looked at RTDs and stamps and asked for green card but we didn’t have it at that time but he gave us our RTDs back and he said you good to go we arrived in Paris then took the train from paris to frankfurt then with delta from frankfurt to jfk at jfk they sent us like always to secondary inspection because we only had RTDs but it was fast they stamped us in 10 mins so after all the trip was great especially that we flew to a different countries in the schengen without a problem just the little issue at the gate in Athens and i am starting to believe that even with the RTD as long as you get your schengen .entry stamp on it you can go anywhere within the schengen area without issue even if they stop you for ID check or at the gate to check your RTD They will take some time to understand your doucment but as long as you have your entry stamp on the RTD they cannot stop you and I learned that from my experience in Athens and at Barcelona when we flew to athens I hope all that info is helpful for anyone wants to travel with RTD to schengen

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