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Share Your Thoughts - Employment change after receiving GC

I have worked for my US based employer (Company 'A') since 2004 on H1 after completing MS, and have applied for GC with them in 2008 in EB2. In 2011 I have relocated back to India while GC application was pending and changed my processing to 'Consular Processing'. While I was in India, I have my GC approved in November 2013 thru Consular Processing.

Citizenship and Naturalization

My N600 Update Information

Wanted to share some info on a friend's case I assisted with. Her father was born in Texas, raised in California. He married a Mexican citizen in Texas in 1992. My friend was then born in Mexico in 1993. She lived there with mother until age three then they moved to California. She was raised in California. Her parents then had two more daughters born in California.

Citizenship and Naturalization