Filing I-485 for Derivative Beneficiaries

Here is another question from one of our clients posted in our extranet

Qo. My Priority date became current as per August bulletin.

I and my wife are applied for I-485 on July 2007 (PF is done and got EAD and AP docs). At that time my son was in India and i could not apply for him.

Right now i am working on his I-485 paperwork and targeting to send his application to INS/Nebraska on August first itself (through your Law firm).

Please let me know if i need to take any other additional precautions to avoid the risk of GC approval before attaching my son's I-485?

Ans. Even if your 485 gets approved, we still have the right to file his 485. There is no requirement that your 485 must be pending for us to file his. This holds true for all derivatives including spouse.

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