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I had a question about the H4 extension for my daughters.

My H1B visa is stamped until 10/05/2009 for my earlier employer A,when my current employer B transferred my H1B the new NOA had a validity date of May 2010.
My daughters have a valid H4 visa until May 2010

When I returned back from a visit to India back to the US the official at the Port of entry stamped our I-94 until the expiry of the H1B visa for Emp A for oct '2009 for the whole family.

I contacted Rajiv to find out do I need to get an extension for my daughter and me beyond the I-94 validity and emp A H1B visa date (Oct'2009 ) or should I wait to extend H4 and H1B until after the new end date for the new NOA (2010 )?

Rajiv helped by giving sound advice to contact

I contacted CBP (online and Customer service) and they said that the I94 was incorrectly stamped for my daughters and me.

They asked me to come along with my daughters to the nearest airport and meet up with the International Arrivals office, Deferred Inspectors office, to get it corrected.
I went to the airport and got it corrected yesterday .All our I-94 now show the stamping date of May 2010.

The learning here in my case is that the US gov agencies can be wrong sometimes, you should persist with your case and try to explore all avenues for a positive result.
Thank you Rajiv once again, you have always given us sound advice .You do an amazing community service by helping us understand laws of the land and their interpretation.

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