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Discussion Topics, Thursday, 18 April 2019:

FAQ: Multiple years of CPT|| Options to stay in the USA after expiration of H-1B ||How to get H-1B approved for three years, not shorter duration ||Issues related to tourist visa/business visa (B-1-B-2) extensions ||

Other: H4 EAD expiration ||Green card interview for inter-filing cases ||Stay in the USA while I 485 pending||limitations on working beyond 240 days on H-1B extension pending ||How is the priority date determined? ||The law on Supplement J||Delay in getting physical green card after approval ||What can trigger deportation?||N – 400, naturalization issues

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Discussion Topics:

Marrying a Canadian and bring them to USA || I Apply for a NIW through EB2 || COS to L-1A || Can any company revoke I-140 after 180 days || H-1 transfer || 3 year H-1B extension || Fiance visa || H4 EAD and starting a business || EB3 to EB2 porting of priority dates

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Discussion Topics, Thursday, 29 November 2018:

FAQ: Effect of L-1A denial on approved EB-1C I-140 || Transfer of priority date on an I-140 -- process || Period of maximum stay allowed for tourist visa entrants || Continuing employment-based green card while moving outside the USA || Starting business on I-485 EAD|| Status expiring during the pendency of an H-1B extension || EB-2 approved applying for EB-3 || I-94 expired -- Unlawful Presence

Other: Travel during H-4 EAD || I-140 denial effect on concurrently filed I-485 || EB2 with a three-year bachelor’s degree || Green card for child born in Canada || H-1 transfer || 3 year H-1B extension || Four year delay in naturalization || Errors in H-1B approval || Fiance visa || Revocation of green card because of the company merger

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Impact of unlawful presence || Unlawful presence for minors ||How can I downgrade from EB2 to EB3 and the consequences || Traveling abroad while H4 EAD is pending || Filing change of address || Starting business while on student visa || Being without a job on AC21 || Citizenship for employees of consulting companies who have projects in different cities after green card || The new restriction on 12 months of CPT OPT combined – – consequences of H-1B denial on OPT || Not worked for green card sponsoring company – – fraud implication for naturalization/citizenship ||


Applying for a visa || Details of applying for a spouse based green card || Cancellation of visa at the airport || Applying for H1 visa || Quitting green card job after getting green card || quarter exemption scratch that H-1B quota exemption || CSPA || Applying for H4 visa while H one extension is still pending

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Discussion Topics, Thursday,30 August 2018:

FAQ: H4 EAD based upon a prior employers I 140 approval; effect on I 140 of changing multiple employers; effect on prior I 140 if a subsequent I 140 is approved || Can I join my old employer if the H-1B transfer is denied? Filing green card through future employer || Green card based upon investment – – EB-5 || Effect on green card and naturalization of using public or government benefits || Porting priority date from EB 2 to EB 1

Other: Job titles to be used for naturalization application || How to have a spouse stay in the USA while the green card application is going on || Entering USA on H-1B approval for one employer and H-1B visa of another employer || H-1B transfer back to an approved location || Nunc Pro Tunk approval of H-1B and 212 (d) (3) waivers || EAD delays || Confusion about permanent address used || Green card holder studying abroad || Changing tourist visato a long-term visa || Correcting name errors || Repeat RFE's

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Discussion Topics, Thursday 2 August, 2018:

FAQ: What are different wage levels for H-1B and green card jobs? || Travel outside the USA when a case is pending || The impact of the NTA memo Other: Green card renewal requirements/NTA policy || Getting promoted after getting green card || CPT and NTA policy || Past misrepresentation in immigration documents || Public assistance || Disclosing traffic tickets in naturalization || How soon can I leave after green card approval || 60 days grace period on H-1B changing status and quota issue || NTA Memo || Consequences of H-1B denial || Misclassification of H-1B job || EAD, AP and H-1B interaction || Couple applying for naturalization || Having two employers file for H-1B simultaneously || H-4 EAD


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