H-1B - Specialty Occupation

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Our client, an electronic document management company was issued Intent to Revoke from the Texas Service Center.  Our client had filed an H-1B for the Beneficiary, which was approved by the Service.  However, the American Consulate subsequently revoked the petition following an interview with Beneficiary.  The Consular Officer determined that the Beneficiary was not qualified to work as a Systems Analyst.  Specifically, the Consular Officer claimed that Beneficiary did not have the requisite university-level coursework in Computer Science. 

The Petitioner sought the Beneficiary for the position of Systems Analyst because of Beneficiary’s extensive education and background in medicine.  The Petitioner needed a Systems Analyst to develop electronic medical records management software.  The Consular Officer erred by assuming that the Beneficiary should have the same qualifications as a computer programmer.  The foregoing arguments were developed in a lengthy Response to the Intent to Revoke, which was submitted to the Service.  In addition, we argued that the Consular Officer was not supposed to readjudicate the petition, and in this regard he erred.

The Beneficiary’s I-129 petition was approved shortly after we filed the Response.
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