M.Ch. in Neurosurgery, M.S. in General Surgery and M.B.B.S., EB1/OR-P

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We won a case for a surgeon who had over 31 years of research, teaching and surgical experience. This applicant was highly qualified and known in the field to be one of the few that have reached the highest level of success. He was very well published with over 90 publications and authorship of a multitude of book chapters. We provided extensive documentary evidence to show that he was one of the premier surgeons in his expertise. This applicant was frequently called upon as an invited speaker and presented his work worldwide. We also provided evidence to show his extensive contributions to the field, which included numerous patents, technical guidebooks, and several book chapters. He also qualified to judge the work of others as a session chair, committee member, conference organizer, journal reviewer, and thesis examiner. He also was a member of several prestigious professional societies, which required nomination for membership.