USCIS and City of Los Angeles Agree to Promote Immigrant Integration and Citizenship Awareness

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USCIS and the Office of the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles are committed to strengthening immigrant integration efforts in Los Angeles through proactive citizenship awareness, education, and outreach activities.

The partnership between USCIS and the City of Los Angeles was first established in January 2010 when the two parties entered into a Letter of Agreement for a two-year period. Launched initially as a pilot project concluding in January 2012, USCIS and the City of Los Angeles renewed the agreement for an additional year in April 2012. 

Under the agreement, USCIS and the City of Los Angeles have collaborated to:

  • Distribute educational materials highlighting U.S. citizenship and the naturalization process at city facilities;
  • Hold information sessions for permanent residents interested in learning about U.S. citizenship;
  • Provide training on the naturalization process and USCIS educational materials to librarians within the Los Angeles Public Library system; and
  • Broadcast USCIS informational videos on local Los Angeles public access television, among other activities

As the second largest, and one of the most diverse cities in the country, Los Angeles is the first city to enter into an agreement with USCIS to strengthen and enhance local immigrant integration efforts. This partnership highlights the unique federal and municipal roles in promoting immigrant integration. The objective of this targeted outreach is to increase awareness of citizenship rights, responsibilities, and the naturalization process among eligible permanent residents.

Citizenship and Naturalization: