April 1, 2021 Free US Immigration Community Conference Call with Rajiv (Every Other Thursday)

FAQs: AC21 Job Portability After I get my green card, is it legal to work for two companies (and not the original company) simultaneously?

Other Topics : AOS pending, H-1B approved and change of status not approved || Relative remaining in the U.S. longer with an I-539 application and impact on sponsors visa issuance || How long can a green card holder stay in Canada as a visitor due to medical reasons? || Submitted I-130 Form and NVC expedite request process for a US spouse visa || Form I-485 Supplement J preparation, same/similar job for AC 21 portability, using the EAD as an option for new employer || Rules and restrictions for I-140 upgrade to premium processing || Federal pandemic unemployment compensation and H-1B Visa Change of Status || Green card holders and unemployment benefits, joint sponsor income requirements and how to read the Visa bulletin || Filing an I-140 and I-485 concurrently and I-140 priority date retention|| H-1B and spouse working on H-4/H-4 EAD options to extend spouses I-94 || H-4 visa for family of H-1B visa holder with I-485 pending

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