Jan 21, 2021 Recording of Free Community Conference Call (Every Other Thursday)

Substantial transcription for video


I-485 AOS filed - Maintaining H-1B status after getting EAD/Changing jobs after I-485/Being unemployed/Start own business, etc. (Filed for I-485, EAD, AP along with EB-2 to EB-3 I-140 downgrade)

Other Topics :

Maintaining green card status outside the USA during the COVID-19 pandemic || Filed for I-485, EAD, AP along with EB-2 to EB-3 I-140 downgrade and maintaining H-1B status after getting EAD || Receiving green card in a few months on the EB-1C/L-1A route and consequences of changing jobs or leaving job immediately after green card approval || H-1 Visa Laid-Off repercussions, F-1 pending - 60 day grace period || Investing in real estate property, stocks and day trading in the USA with an LLC || Employer not willing to file I-824 to support filing Adjustment of Status (AoS) || Currently on J-1 visa and PERM application is in process: Type of waiver, if needed, to present for same-sex spouse who is on J-2 || H-4 to F-1 and biometrics appointment schedule || H-1B Cap exempt and spouse on H-4 EAD seeking a job || Unemployed on H-4, filed I-485 AOS as a Principal Applicant with Supplement J || How to ensure application in process and get A#. || Spouse currently studying on H-4, applying for her F-1 Visa. Both I-140s approved. Will not going on an H-4 EAD create issues? || Applying for citizenship for Parents with green card and continuous residence issues || F-1 visa expires while waiting for marriage-based green card.

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