EB-1A Extraordinary Ability

We won a case for an applicant following a Request for Evidence. Initially, we had submitted substantial documentation to show that the Petitioner qualified for the classification based on his original contributions, authorship of scholarly articles and judging of his research peers. Based on the evidence submitted, Service noted that sufficient evidence was presented to prove authorship of scholarly articles as well as judging of research peers. We had provided copies of the Petitioner’s publications as well as the significant number of citations. The journals where Petitioner’s work was published had average to high impact factors. Petitioner was a member of an editorial board as well as a reviewer for a multitude of international publications. We submitted documentary evidence of his work as a reviewer which included an invitation to the editorial board as well as copies of the requests to review manuscripts for several prestigious scientific journals. Service issued an RFE requesting additional documentary evidence to show that Petitioner’s research contributions were “original” and of major significance. We provided additional reference letters from leading experts who noted their own use of Petitioner’s inventions. We also provided proof of the application of Petitioner’s invention such as internal memos, letters and emails.

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